Resilience is the ability to adapt to changing and challenging situations. This includes the capacity to overcome and recover from stress.

How to Build Resilience

Keep your personal relationships and professional networks strong
Practice mindful meditation or grounding practices
Use a positive lens to reframe thoughts and situations
Build skills for the future by learning from the past
Create boundaries and personal space to pause, relax, and rest
Understand what drives and motivates you
Be of service to others
Imagine, create, build
Acknowledge your loneliness and plan to connect with others

Positive Affirmations

A few encouraging mantras can go a long way. Keep these affirmations in your back pocket for life’s tougher moments.

I trust my journey.
I have made it this far, and I won’t stop now.
I will love myself unconditionally, especially on the hard days.
It’s okay if not everyone understands my situation.
I was made for a purpose.
I don’t always have to be productive to see the value in myself.
I am enough.
Nothing in nature blooms year-round. I will be patient with myself.

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