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Research-backed Practices to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

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Evidence-Based Best Practices to Move Your Mental Health Program in the Right Direction 

A recently published study found that Right Direction, when implemented by Kent State University, in conjunction with mental health campaigns, significantly increased employee help-seeking and digital health utilization for mental health conditions.

The results showed:

1. Higher outpatient treatment utilization1.

2. Greater prescription drug treatment utilization for mental health conditions1.

3. Markedly higher EAP utilization as evidenced by a 60% increase in self-referral for behavioral health concerns and an overall annual increase of over 130% in overall EAP utilization2.

4. Effects were sustained with commitment towards continued programming targeting mental health and well-being.

Best practices implemented by Kent State, included the following:

1. Customized communications: Monthly targeted emails of Right Direction materials containing medical and EAP vendor contact information.

2. Monthly educational and training sessions for employee wellness. These included topics such as resiliency, stress management, and others.

3. Monthly wellness newsletter articles, intranet postings, and resource distribution at benefit enrollment and wellness fairs.

1. Doty B, et al. (2021) An Ecological Study of a Universal Employee Depression Awareness and Stigma Reduction Intervention. Frontiers Psychiatry.
2. Sherman B and Hauge K, et al (2021). EAP and University Collaboration to Address Employee Depression – A Case Study. Journal of Employee Assistance.

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