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Depression: A Clinical Perspective and the Impact on the Workplace (passed)

A recording of the event can be accessed here.

About the Event: 

Clinical Psychiatrist and APA Distinguished Fellow Dr. Michael Chustek will address the following key questions on the minds of many as a growing number of people are impacted by depression in the workplace:

 How does depression impact day-to-day work for those experiencing it?

  • What are the signs of depression and how does it impact cognition?
  • What effective treatments and coping skills exist for depression?
  • What recommendations exist for those living with depression on how to improve performance at work?
  • How can co-workers support others experiencing depression?

About the Presenter:

Michael Chustek, MD, DFAPA
Board Certified Psychiatrist, APA Distinguished Fellow

Dr. Chustek is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a Distinguished Fellow of The American Psychiatric Association with a penchant for helping organizations create psychologically healthier workplace environments leading to a safer, more engaged, and productive workplace. He works with corporate clients and private individuals on areas related to stress management, workplace mental health, personal productivity, and
lifestyle modification.

In addition to his private consultative practice, Dr. Chustek serves as the Medical Director for one of the largest national group practices that treats patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout northern and central New Jersey and he also is on voluntary staff at St. Barnabas Medical Center and Clara Maass Medical Center, both part of the Robert Wood Johnson/Barnabas Health system. Additionally, Dr. Chustek helps consult to local agencies. He has helped develop health and wellness programs for employees of various organizations. Dr. Chustek also served on a committee to develop an electronic medical record system for a large national group practice.

Dr. Chustek is a Member of the American Psychiatric Association, and serves as the Union County representative for the Tri-County Chapter of the New Jersey Psychiatric Association. Dr. Chustek was awarded the Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association Award for his dedication, commitment, and experience to the field of Psychiatry.


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